Order Requests ~ Commissions ~ Payments

Order Requests 

The paintings under the left side label 'Order Requests' are not available for immediate sale, BUT they can be replicated just for you in similar patterns in custom colours! 

Order Requests of custom designs will be painted on a 9 inch x 12 inch (thin width) canvas, unless a larger sized canvas is requested. 

If you see a painting under the 'Order Request' category that you'd like to purchase, use the Contact Form to contact me with the title for a custom design.

Available Now

A few of my art paintings are available for immediate purchase and shipping! Contact me if interested in purchasing one of these paintings.


All commissions are welcome. 

Commissioned work is a great way to have art pieces uniquely created just for you. 

I accept commission requests year-round.

When creating an acrylic art piece using the fluid art technique, the design is original with no two projects ever the same, giving each design a uniqueness. 

While most designs can’t be replicated, I can create similar patterns in custom colours. 

Once a design is completed, the painting is sealed with a couple coats of varnish to provide a strong and shiny protection layer.

If interested in an Order Request Design or a Commissioned Design, please complete the Contact Form to email me with the concept and colours. Following your submission of the contact form, you will receive a response by email.


Once you complete your order request using the Contact Form, an email will be returned to discuss your custom order.
A proposal cost will be emailed with an invoice, requiring a non-refundable down-payment of fifty percent.

For secure payments, the invoice will emailed through Paypal or sent directly to your email for an E-transfer payment.

Upon completion of your order, the remaining payment plus shipping will be required. 

Prices are in Canadian Dollars with shipping included. If you are from another country, contact me for the shipping cost.

Please note, frames are not included.